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We are the No Caveat Security group and we believe having secure and private communications is a basic human right.

We sell security Software, Hardware, and Services.

We are a subsidiary of Clever Things, LLC and founded by their President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Gary Wright II.

"Our mission is impossible, but our goal is simple: security with no caveats!"  What does that mean?

There currently is no form of communication or encryption that can't be broken. Our ultimate goal is to provide security with no caveats attached. We want people to have to tools to communicate that are secure and simply just work without a high level of technical knowledge. We know that mission is impossible, because anything that can be constructed, can eventually be deconstructed. Anyone who promises you a secure solution is lying to you. There isn't one! But, we do have the technology to make communications extremely secure and impractical to intercept and decrypt. Until a perfect solution exists, we use every tool available to make the strongest combination of secure hardware and software. And wherever a gap exists, we will invent new tools and technologies.

Caveat Emptor - or "Buyer Beware" applies to every situation. While we are unable to share proprietary source code or specific configurations for security reasons, we build our products off of open-source products. This enables an audit of every line of code.  If a vulnerability is discovered, we are able to access the underlying source code to mitigate without having to wait on a vendor to release a patch. We've provided links to the products we use, and even have training videos for those able to operate their own servers.

Special thanks to white-hat ethical hacker phr3sh-err for assisting with security assessments and being our go-to security expert!

Our work is dedicated to Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning, and the many other whistle-blowers and activists who fight tyranny every day!  Thank you for all that you do!!!