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Our high-security Quantum Network is currently in Alpha status.  It is scheduled to be available as a service in 2017 and as a product in 2018!

Project Quantum is based upon the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model:

  • Layer 7: Application = Proprietary
  • Layer 6: Presentation = "Material Design" concept by Google
  • Layer 5: Session = Proprietary
  • Layer 4: Transport = Proprietary
  • Layer 3: Network = Proprietary
  • Layer 2: Data-link = Proprietary
  • Layer 1: Physical = Single and Multi-Mode Fiber Optic

In addition to multiple layers of traditional security, we add multiple layers of proprietary encryption on top of it. Our Quantum network uses the StreetCred Trust system for even more security. We then monitor the system 24/7/365 for errors or intrusions.

We also participate in the (now defunct) Canary Watch program and provide our corporate transparency reports.