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Our proprietary StreetCred Trust security system is in Alpha Status and scheduled to be available as a service in 2017!

What's wrong with the current Internet? Watch this video for an explanation. (coming soon!)

How does the StreetCred Trust system work? Instead of the traditional vertical hierarchy of Certificate Authority -> Server -> Client, we use a hybrid trust structure of certificate and encryption key issuance, but then add a peer trust system in order to eliminate single points of failure.

Pyramid Diagram - Link to Video

The StreetCred Trust System
Level Description Multiplier


(Certificate Authority)

The Regents are limited to three trusted individuals (Red Regent, Green Regent, and Blue Regent) with security clearances who have the ultimate authority within the trust system.  For security, no more than two Regents can be in the same physical location at the same time. All three Regents must agree that a Noble is worthy of service, and the vote of two Regents can revoke nobility or impose sanctions on any member of the trust kingdom. In the event of a loss of Regent resulting in a tie vote, the vote drops to the next level, or the Nobles. In event of a tie of Nobles, the next level (Knights) will determine the outcome, and then if a tie, on to the Peasants.

The Regents are our secure certificate and encryption key servers that replace the traditional Certificate Authority in the trust model. The Regents create the certificates and keys, then issue them to the Nobles.

Couriers There are two Artificial Intelligence (AI) Couriers (Purple and Gold) who have special access to Regents, but have no voting rights. They have no authority within their own rank, but they do carry the word of the Regent. That means their word carries the weight of, and can be validated by the Regent they serve. Thus, a high Credibility Score and Multiplier. x5B
Nobles (Servers)

The Nobles are our secure web servers that hold the encryption keys and certificates for each organization. Instead of the traditional certificate exchange, we use a proprietary method of verification using multiple Nobles to minimize security risks. The Nobles must have the continuous blessing of all three Regents in order to gain and maintain nobility status. Nobles continuously report to the Regents and to other Nobles that trust hasn't been broken (currently every half hour, but this frequency may be changed as necessary).

Knights (Verified Users)

The Knights are the end-users of the system with verified identities. Each Knight must maintain a working and unique email address and also be reachable by postal mail or telephone.

Peasants (Users)

The Peasants are the end-users of the system. Each Peasant must maintain a working and unique email address. Peasants are able to earn StreetCred points by making friends who will vouch for them, earning trust points through completing tasks, and completing identity verification processes.

Unknown The Unknowns are anonymous users and therefore have limited privileges and always a zero StreetCred score. x0

Who invented StreetCred? Well, engineer and activist Gary Wright II got the inspiration from the old website that was originally used by rapper TI for music distribution many years ago. When Tip went to prison for weapons charges, the website was abandoned.

After the Edward Snowden revelations, we knew we had to completely rethink the existing vertical trust system of the Internet. We looked at how organized crime and other groups use systems of trust within their organizations, and then took our knowledge of street culture and applied it to the field of technology and security.

The original site was based off the Atlanta gang culture, but instead of King Pins, Street Soldiers, and Dope Boyz, white-hat hacker phr3sh-err suggested we use the old medieval class structure for labels.

So, to show respect for the original inventors:

  • v1 is the original music website which was our inspiration but we had nothing to do with it.
  • v2 was our first adaptation of the street gang trust system using gang labels.
  • v3 we switched to using labels from medieval classes, but later it was pointed out the King label was sexist, so we halted work and created v4.
  • v4 made it to Alpha status, and then Phr3sh-err wanted to add the 2 AI Regents, so we froze this branch and started a new version.
  • v5 was released when Gary Wright II realized the two AI Regents weren't really Regents, but messengers of Regents. We froze and branched changing the two AI Regents (Purple and Gold) into Couriers.
  • v6 is the latest software branch and is currently in Alpha status.

See also our list of Regents, Nobles, Knights, and Peasants of the StreetCred Trust system of security.